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After 10 years of creating wedding videos, we have witnessed and discovered the different kinds of love from all over the world.

But until today, we still couldn’t explain what love is.

” Something so simple, yet so magical. ” 

We know that love is not about the fancy aerial shots, beautiful poses or commercial pop songs by Ed Sheeran.

We understand that every love is special and unique to each couple.

Nobody quite loves the same and that’s what makes love so beautiful; it can come in all shapes and forms but still be breathtaking. 

We want to tell your love story through candid moments of authenticity:

warm hugs, stolen kisses, a lone tear.

We want to capture the love message you’ve never even told each other. 

Share your story with us and let us tell it to the world.



What does love feel like? [The Scope Wedding Showreel 2020]

Tristan & Nicole | A Bali Wedding Film | Nov 2019

Su Ee & Eileen Wedding 14 May 2022

Yvonne & Jon Wedding 11 Mar 2022

Rhye Priscilla Wedding 18 Feb 2022

Michael & Indigo Wedding Highlight

"Dear Owen..." "Dear Joyce..." | Wedding Full Highlight

Andy & Rainbow #ARWedding1118 | Wedding Full Highlight

Ivy & Kira Pre Wedding 《這世界那麼多人》

#ADND1911 Andy & Adeline | Melbourne PreWeds + Morning Highlight (Same Day Edit)

Louis & Michelle Pre Wedding

A Midsummer's Night Dream | Fashion Film | Directed by Khai

Amanda & Jonathan | Full Wedding Highlight

#khaiwoongotmarried Khai & Woon | Wedding Full Highlight

Bryan & Lynn | Wedding Full Highlight #brylynnkahwin

Joshua & Elyssa | Wedding Full Highlight

Norman & Tiffany | Wedding Full Highlight

Ailyn & Steven | Aussie Wedding Full Highlight

Carol & Xuen Ngai | Melbourne Wedding Full Highlight

Luke & Des | Singapore Wedding Full Highlight

Howe & Nancy | Wedding Full Highlight

Millie & Jeremy | Full Wedding Highlight

Jenny & Kevin | Full Wedding Highlight

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